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Sunday, April 4. Resurrection. He is risen!

Friday, April 2. Good Friday. How much does Jesus love you? Tonight says it all.

Sunday, March 28. Confused Crowd.The crowd praising Jesus as He arrived in Jerusalem the week before His death would be disillusioned and disappointed. He would not be who they thought Him to be. Can you relate? Oh and Joyce Foley shares what happens when circumstances make God seem ungod-like. So worth a listen. Download listening guide.

Sunday, March 21. Testify! Feed My Sheep. Oh the inspiration of hearts like those of Irene and Roy Jones! Pastor Matt and the worship team lead in celebrating service to God. How will you accept God’s invitation to join His work? Download listening guide.

Sunday, March 14. Testify! The Formerly Blind.Seventeen questions are woven within the first 41 verses of the book of John, chapter 9. What does this mean to our Jesus conversations? Pastor Matt explores the answer. Download listening guide.

Sunday, March 7. Testify! Your Turn! Mackenzie and Tabitha shared personal experiences with God over the last couple weeks. Could you do the same? This week, Pastor Nick walks us through a simple way to lay out our stories in order to testify!

Sunday, February 28. Detour! Pastor Matt takes an unexpected detour from the series, Testify! The worship team boldly and faithfully follows. Watch to see the message he needed to share and what happened next! Also catch Tabitha Johnson’s story of God’s greatness in her life.

Sunday, February 21. Testify! The Royal Official. Pastor Matt reads the story of a royal official, a desperate father in search of a solution for his son. The conversation he has with Jesus teaches us all something. Listen in to hear what role prayer plays in our Jesus conversations. Bonus: Hear Mackenzie Durst’s God story. Download listening guide.

Sunday, February 14. Testify! Unlikely Messenger.The world mentioned in “God so loved the world” becomes clearer in the stories of Jesus’ conversations. The woman at the well, an unlikely messenger, gets a mighty assignment from God — a lesson for us all. Download listening guide.

Sunday, February 7. Testify! The Well Woman. Jesus knew just what to say to get conversations going. Oh what we can learn from Him! Pastor Matt shares timely insights on Jesus’ approach to the woman at the well. Download listening guide.

Sunday, January 31. Testify! The Religious Man.Telling our Jesus-story can be intimidating, even more so when the person you are talking with knows more about the Word than you do. How do you have an open conversation with a religious person? Pastor Matt offers three key points. Download listening guide.

Sunday, January 24. Testify! Pointers and Bringers.Pointers and bringers? Pastor Matt looks at people Jesus spoke with and how they pointed or brought others to Jesus. Watch to find out which category you fall into. Download listening guide.