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Do you love a good home remodel? We do. The transformation can be astounding. Do you know Jesus wants to do a similar renovation on your heart? Will you choose Him to design your life? Take a listen and see if you don’t agree He is the Master Builder – no other designer compares. (Series starts September 15.)

— You can also catch the summer series below. —

September 8. Look Up, Child. (Colossians 3). Pastor Nick gives biblical understanding to the hope of “things above”. A message of encouragement. A challenge to seek God alone.

September 1. Holy Roar Sunday. Listen and worship with us.

August 25. Whatever You Ask. What one thing, above anything else, would you ask of God? What is top priority to you? God asks this of Solomon in the Bible: “What do you want me to give you?” Wow! What would you say?

August 18. The Hope of the Gospel. India, the most Gospel-hungry nation in the world, challenges Christian work with its dangers. Roy Jones’ gives his account of the ministry happening halfway around the world.

August 4. In Awe of God. Take a ride on a wild roller coaster with the team just returning from Brazil. Originally headed to India, God had one surprise in store for this Morning Star team that changed everything.

July 28. Jonah, Pt 5. (Book of Jonah) Jonah finally obeys God. Still he does not want good things for Nineveh. Can you relate? And what does this have to do with the Pittsburgh Steelers? Download the listening guide here. 

July 21. Jonah, Pt 4. (Jonah 4:1-11) Jonah continues to challenge God, even after he obeys him. How does God respond to Jonah’s tantrum? How does God respond to our tantrums? Download the listening guide here. 

July 14. Jonah, Pt 3. (Jonah 3:1-10) What is the point of God holding Jonah in the belly of a whale? As punishment? You might be surprised to hear God meant it as quite the opposite. Download the listening guide here. 

July 7. Jonah, Pt 2. (Jonah 2:1-10) Have you cried out to God in distress? Do you wonder what might happen if you did? Learn about God’s response to you from his response to Jonah. Download the listening guide here. 

June 30. Jonah, Pt 1. Pastor Nick invites the kids to help him act out the story of Jonah. Hear the results! And the powerful lesson this story holds for all of us. (No listening guide this week.)

June 23. Strengthen the Core: For King and Kingdom. (Matthew 4:12-17). You rule as the king of your kingdom with power and will. How does God’s kingdom impact yours? What happens when the two conflict? Pastor Matt gives answers. Download the listening guide here. 

June 16. Strengthen the Core: Go Boldly 2 (Isaiah 58:1-13). God tells us exactly what He wants us to do in this world. No mystery here. What happens when the people of God move out? Imagine it. Act on it. Download the listening guide here. 

June 2. Strengthen the Core: Equip Fully (Acts 6:1-7). Equipping means the church provides the equipment you need to play in the game God calls you to win. An equipped body gets God’s message out. Pastor Matt explains what this involves. Download the listening guide here. 

May 26. Strengthen the Core: Worship Freely 2/Holy Roar (Psalm 150). The Worship Team and Pastor Matt demonstrate seven words of praise. Based on the book, Holy Roar, by Tomlin and Whitehead, this message ignites your passion to worship freely. Download the listening guide here. 

May 19. Strengthen the Core: Worship Freely 1. What is worship? How does it impact Sunday mornings? Andy Grubbs defines the nuts and bolts of worshipping corporately at Morning Star. Hannah Forster illustrates it with her experience of worship. Download the listening guide here. 

May 12. Strengthen the Core: Live Biblically. (1 John 2:3-11.) Do you know the key to living biblically? Pastor Matt shares the one thing you need to know to solve the mystery of how God wants us to live. Download the listening guide here. 

May 5. Strengthen the Core: Engage Relationally. (Genesis 2:18.) Pastor Nick, a self-proclaimed introvert, shares what our God-given DNA tells us about pursuing relationships with others. Imagine the impact of the church if everyone lived out this truth. Download the listening guide here. 

April 28. Strengthen the Core: Pray Diligently. (2 Chronicles 7:14; Acts 6:4.) Prayer feels like a mystery. Pastor Paul teaches what it means to pray diligently, persistently and expectantly. Discover the motivation for improving your prayer life. Download the listening guide here. 

April 21. It is Finished: My Beginning. (John 19:28-30; Colossians 3:1-4.) The power which raised Jesus from the dead is available to you today. Pastor Matt suggests we underestimate this in our lives. Listen to see how God speaks to you this Easter Sunday. Download the listening guide here. 

April 14. It is Finished: Shout Praise! (John 12:12-19) Who is this Jesus? What is all the buzz about? Just when you think you understand who He is, there is more. Pastor Matt talks to the kids (and adults) this Palm Sunday. Download the listening guide here. 

April 7. It Is Finished: So Grateful. (John 12:1-11.) Would you pour the most expensive thing you own at Jesus’ feet? Or would you question what could be done with the value of it? Pastor Matt challenges you to express extravagant gratitude. Download the listening guide here.

March 31. Serving Joyfully: Love Deeply. (I Corinthians 13:1-13.) Oh, the creative ways we can serve! Still … all the good we do means nothing without one critical component. Listen to find out what you need to serve well. Hint: It’s not just for marriages. Download the listening guide here. 

March 24. Serving Joyfully: One Spirit. One Body. One Part. (I Corinthians 12:12-26.) When serving God, challenges arise. Failure happens. What then? Pastor Matt, with Andy and Bitsy Grubbs, share what risk for God might look like. Download the listening guide here. 

March 17. Serving Joyfully: God’s Purpose. My Gifts (I Corinthians 12:1-11.) The Holy Spirit gifts each of us with the ability to contribute to the common good. Serving together brings God joy. Gary List talks with Pastor Matt about doing our part. Download the listening guide here.

March 10. Serving Joyfully: The Body in Action. (I Corinthians 12:27-31.) In the first churches, people pushed boundaries, raised conflicts, held eclectic views. What clues do they give to understanding the body of Christ? What do they teach about unity? Download the listening guide here.

March 3. Amazing God: I AM. (John 8:48-59.) Wrapping up the Amazing God series, Pastor Matt reviews the attributes and character of God the Father, God the Holy Spirit and God the Son with a passionate charge. Don’t miss this message!  Download the sermon listening guide here.

February 24. Amazing God: The Son, The Vine. (John 15:1-8.) Is your life overcrowded with things, even good things? God designed us to bear abundant fruit. Pastor Matt and Ty Pilarczyak explain what pruning plants teaches about God’s pruning.  Download the sermon listening guide here. 

February 17. Amazing God: The Son, The Way. (John 14:1-7.) Robert Frost told of two roads diverging and the struggle to choose between them, not able to travel both. What does this famous poem have to do with Jesus? Download the sermon listening guide here. 

February 10. Amazing God: The Son, The Resurrection. (John 11:17-27.) God sets an alarm for each of us. What in the world does Pastor Matt mean? Listen as he explains end times so you won’t be caught sleeping when it matters most. Download the sermon listening guide here. 

January 27. God’s Work in Carpina Brazil. Rachel and Caid Ferguson visited this morning and shared the excitement and needs for the ministry in Brazil. Listen to the conversation to hear how you can partner with them in creative ways.

January 20. God Interrupted Service Today. The harsh snowstorm left the chairs sparsely filled this morning. But, the Spirit blew in more fierce. Don’t miss listening to this audio of singing hallelujah in the midst of the storm, your weapon in difficult times.

January 13. Amazing God: The Son, Light of the World. (John 8:12-20.) Shades of darkness prevent the power of light from illuminating our way. Listen to what it means to live in the light as Jesus is in the light. Will you commit to this kind of living? Download the sermon listening guide here.

January 6. Amazing God: The Son, the Bread of Life. (John 6:25-35.) What does Jesus mean when He says “I am the Bread of Life?” How does an ordinary dinner roll help explain? Pastor Matt offers a taste of this eternal nourishment. Download the sermon listening guide here.

December 30. Plant the Flag. (Romans 6:1-14.) Pastor Nick Chesnes takes a break from the current sermon series to encourage us to make 2019 a year of victory in Jesus. What does this planting the flag of victory mean for you? Listen in.

December 23. Amazing God: Son of Man. (John 3:13-14.) Get this: Jesus has no beginning and no end. Yet, He walked as a man on the earth. Pastor Matt uses a rope to teach this to the children on family Sunday – a lesson for adults as well. Download the listening guide here.

December 16. Amazing God: Son of God. (John 1:43-51.) The God of the Bible … the only god to jump into the aquarium with us. God gives Himself fully to us in the Son. Pastor Matt encourages us to choose today to return His full devotion. Download the listening guide here.

December 9. Amazing God: The Son, Lamb of God. (John 1:29-34.) What does it mean to be a lamb? How can a lamb lead us into freedom? Jesus comes as a different kind of lamb. The Bible reveals the power this title packs. How will you respond? Download the listening guide here.

December 2. Amazing God: The Son, Full of Grace & Truth. (John 1:14-18.) We may find ourselves on the extremes of too much grace or too much truth in our relationships. What does Jesus teach us about balancing the two? Download the listening guide here.

November 25. Amazing God: The Spirit Who Directs. (John 16:7-15.) God does not leave His children as orphans. He sends the Holy Spirit to guide them into all truth. Listen as Pastor Matt defines this truth and asks, “How deep do you want to go? At what cost?” Download the listening guide here.

November 11. Amazing God: The Spirit Who Baptizes. (John 1:29-33.) Baptism by water, baptism in the Spirit – What?!?! Pastor Nick Chesnes covers the details, tells which one holds the power you need and explains what makes any of this relevant to you. Download the listening guide here.

November 4. Amazing God: The Spirit, Your Future. (John 20:19-22.) The focus this month shifts to the Holy Spirit – one of three parts of this one amazing God. Hear about the role of the Holy Spirit and consider what He might lead you to do. Download the listening guide here.

October 28. Amazing God: The Father Known. (John 17:1-3.) Knowledge turns to action. How does God expect us to proceed with knowledge of Him? What does it mean to know and be known by God? Download the listening guide here.

October 21. Amazing God: The Father Revealed. (John 14:6-14.) Philip said to Jesus, “Show us the amazing Father”. Pastor Matt explains Jesus’ response which surprised his disciples and may shock you as well. (And, what do colored cups have to do with it?)  Download the listening guide here.

October 14. Amazing God: The Father Who Sends. (The book of John.) Beginning to look closely at God the Father, the Bible reveals a God who sent Jesus on a mission and continues to send those who know Him on a mission today. Download the listening guide here.

October 7. Amazing God: Father, Son and Spirit. (John 1.) The idea of three persons but one God – the Trinity – challenges our thinking. How do we make sense of this core belief of the Christian church? Pastor Matt helps us sort it out. Download the listening guide here.